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Nov 4Inner demons
Oct 23MFW I realize how old I am
Oct 22Ink and Colour Test
Oct 20Butter caper
Jul 11The beast stirs in his slumber
Mar 12Lord of the Flings


Sep 3Unused Frame from unfinished kids book
Aug 28Space Sheriff redux
Aug 27Draw my dang face
Aug 22Dietary tale of terror
Aug 20Carl the lowborn
Aug 19Office fish
Aug 16Sketchbook 1
Aug 14Office-bot returns to nature
Aug 12Terry the potato wedge
Aug 9Adult Adventures
Aug 7Robot Roommate
Aug 6Bullshit Comix
Jul 17Professor Robot and the mystery of your stupid face


Aug 28Existential Bananabot
Jul 268-Bit Keirbot
Jul 16Chet: the worlds strongest potato chip
Jul 11The Incredible Sulk
Jun 28Adventures of ‘Fudal Knite’
Jun 19Eat O Rama 1
Jun 14Secret Origin of Dracula!
Jun 11Turbo-nerd Teixeira
Jun 9Space Ghost
Jun 7Cats for hands
Jun 2Riverdale City Ransom
May 25Ghosts n’ Goblins n’ Jesus
May 22Bad Choice Goomba
May 16Link is sick of Navi’s nagging
May 14Scooby Doo and the mystery of the flayed man
May 10Diablo 3 – A cautionary tale
May 7Curse of the Mummies Burn
May 4The Journey
May 2Life lessons
Apr 25Game of Thrones Comix
Apr 23Hurry the hell up Edgar Allan Poe
Apr 18Conan the Barbarian: Human Resources Representative
Apr 16Corporate Velociraptor
Apr 13Hattori Hanzo: I.T Samurai
Apr 10Robo-Officer
Apr 3Dancing apple
Apr 2Parking lot hero
Mar 21Jeff: the passive aggressive skeleton
Mar 19Zombies are jerks
Mar 15St Patty
Mar 13Thirsty Skeleton
Mar 2The Crazy Ballad of Howard the Ghost
Feb 29IT Zombie Mania
Feb 23Super Apple
Feb 21Office Ninja
Feb 10The worst comic
Feb 7Warhammer Hobby Comix
Feb 6Super Bowl Comix
Feb 2Puppy Politics
Jan 31Scrooge McDuck: a cautionary tale of physics
Jan 25Jurassic Hamburglar
Jan 23Office Problems
Jan 16Cyber-Cashier
Jan 13A caffeinated tale of terror
Jan 11Ballad of the Hamburglar
Jan 4Doctor Baby MD
Jan 3Zany holiday shoppin’


Dec 14Mandroid
Dec 12Highway to the danger zone
Dec 9Pick a box
Dec 7The Legend of Zelda: Dick in box
Dec 5Super Head Injury
Nov 24Do not hold the doors
Nov 22Dubstep University
Nov 21Yeti University
Nov 1840,000 years under the sea
Nov 17Making all stops – INTO THE SUN
Nov 16Barfin’ on a boat
Nov 10Fishy Fish
Nov 9Local pariah falls asleep on train
Nov 2Pot o’ gold
Nov 1Train ain’t movin’ comix
Oct 31Brain Bees
Oct 28You’re a wizard, Harry
Oct 27Congress Hijinx
Oct 19E-Mission Test comix
Oct 17Teen Eel
Oct 13Bee at the movies
Oct 13Bees Knees
Aug 18Well now


Sep 7Singing Rain Guy
Aug 22North American Guido
Aug 16A terrible comic from a terrible person
May 4Moving
Apr 10Mecha Giraffe
Apr 7Delays Delays
Mar 26Nice nose, no nose
Mar 19The amazing adventures of Eric the Oak Tree
Mar 14Commander Mittens
Mar 12NOD in Acient Egypt – as imagined by Deon
Mar 5Dick in the Stone
Mar 1Earth N’ Moon – BFF’s
Feb 19The Pimple
Feb 16Late to the Valentines day party
Feb 10Racist in spppaaccccceee
Feb 8Bigger Than Cheeses Redux
Feb 7Confusing times in internet town
Feb 5Brought down by my own hubris!
Feb 2Dicknose
Jan 31Kool Aid Comix
Jan 27Once upon a time… your momma
Jan 24Rain Adventures
Jan 23Deception remix
Jan 20Shitstorm 010′
Jan 16Pressure points are rad to the max
Jan 12Cowboys rule, girls drool
Jan 9Soccer star MacGuyver
Jan 6Hammer Tag
Jan 3Tales of a retard past


Dec 21filler
Dec 15Strange Bumps 6
Dec 10Strange Bumps 5
Dec 8Strange Bumps 4
Dec 1Strange Bumps 3
Nov 25Strange Bumps 2
Nov 23Strange Bumps 1
Nov 19Dude in a field
Nov 10Lizards in Sppppaaaccee 2: electric boogaloo
Nov 9Lizards in Sppppaaaccee
Nov 8Space Lizards?
Nov 5I lost my pen! my pen!
Oct 29Saved by the Bell – the Ocean Years
Oct 21It’s -a- me! Another crossover comic!
Oct 12Hawaii 2-0
Oct 4Cosmic Banana
Sep 29Horse Fanfiction Obi Wan and Darth Maul
Sep 28Bear vs Prawn
Sep 24Harken back to ignorance
Sep 21Fairly Odd Comic
Sep 17Cannon Corp Inc.
Sep 14All filler and no killer
Sep 9Olde Weste Comices
Sep 6Generic Brother Chicken Coop terrible comic
Sep 3Roid Jesus and Charity don’t mix – also, there is an ATM machine.
Aug 25The Boredom Fairy comes to visit
Aug 23Roid Jesus and the second to last supper
Aug 19Roid Jesus is a bully and insecure
Aug 16Back in timmmmeee
Aug 13Jesus and the Gnome – Part Last: Its funny cause he forgot.
Aug 11Jesus and the Gnome: Part the second
Aug 9Jesus and the Gnome – I am sure this was not in the Bible.
Aug 7Emo Jesus and the broccoli
Aug 5Time Travelin’?
Aug 4Character Sketch
Aug 2Drunken Wizard
Aug 1Pikachiu SS
Jul 31The one about some bees
Jul 30Pokemon Addiction
Jul 29Mentos: the suicide maker
Jul 28Bigger Than Cheeses Guest Comic
Jul 27Neglecting my family
Jul 26Shakespeare in Sppaaaaaaceeee
Jul 25Dungeons and Nerds
Jul 24Vive Le Pancake
Jul 23Robble Robble – the end of the Hamburgler
Jul 22Laser Dragon Adventures on a Train
Jul 21A boy and his crappy comic
Jul 20Grape Soda Knight
Jul 19The Sexual Misadventures of Dirk McCool
Jul 18Bustin’ A Move On The High Seas
Jul 17Set course for yo’ momma
Jul 16Batman Cape Caper
Jul 15Lessons in natural selection
Jul 14Exploring a moon
Jul 13Kings Quest XII: Quest for the dictionary
Jul 12Cereal?
Jul 11Ghost Keir and Rob D. unite for great justice
Jul 10Biker flies in my potato salad
Jul 9Stem cell hilarity
Jul 8Local Pariah makes terrible comics
Jul 7Space Pony Adventure
Jul 6Collaborative Comix
Jul 5Collaborative Comix: Ontario?
Jul 4Collaborative Comix: Hitler Shirt
Jul 3Collaborative Comix: Facial hair comix
Jul 2Collaborative Comix: Egg Batman
Jul 1Caveman Comix
Jun 30T-The g-g-g-ghost
Jun 29My moustache and Tom Selleck
Jun 28Zombie Apocolypse p.2
Jun 27Zombie Apocolypse p.1
Jun 26Doodle
Jun 25“Bee Cool”
Jun 24Mouse Trap
Jun 23Fancy dress party
Jun 22Bonertron
Jun 21Hunting Children
Jun 20sketch
Jun 19Lazee-comix
Jun 18Very Adult Adventures: Buyin’ a car
Jun 17Very Adult Adventures: old man
Jun 16Very Adult Adventures: my lunch
Jun 15Jesus: skittles
Jun 14Jesus: knockin’ up chicks
Jun 13Jesus: local messiah soils himself in public
Jun 12Lil’ Jesus n’ lil’ Allah in – decepticons
Jun 11Jesus: Boner time is all the time
Jun 10Jesus: Vampyre glitter
Jun 9Jesus: He is always with me, but I wish he wasn’t.
Jun 8Jesus: Corn Roast
Jun 7Jesus: Environment
Jun 6Old Man
Jun 5Jesus: Emo ghost


Aug 3HPB Jesus Komix
Feb 9HPB Jesus Komix
Feb 3HPB Jesus Komix
Jan 29HPB Jesus Komix
Jan 9HPB Jesus Komix


Dec 19HPB Jesus Komix
Aug 19HPB Jesus Komix
Aug 17HPB Jesus Komix
Aug 9HPB Jesus Komix
Aug 3HPB Jesus Komix
Jul 25HPB Jesus Komix
Jul 14HPB Jesus Komix
Jun 29HPB Jesus Komix
Jun 19HPB Jesus Komix
Jun 14HPB Jesus Komix
Jun 9HPB Jesus Komix
Jun 8HPB Jesus Komix
May 29HPB Jesus Komix
May 18HPB Jesus Komix
May 17HPB Jesus Komix
May 16HPB Jesus Komix


Sep 28Bear vs Prawn
Sep 28Bear vs Prawn